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A month has gone since the day the Italian PM Berlusconi was hit by a statuette of the Duomo in Milan, thrown at his face by a mentally ill person, Massimo Tartaglia. The world still remembers, and will for a long time, the shocking images of Berlusconi’s face covered in blood, his eyes staring blankly at the cameras.. That was really a scary episode, and it has been described as the result of the “climate of hatred” that anti-democratic individuals had fostered against the PM in the months leading to the attack.

Sadly, the Government had to (temporarily..) give up some of the most urgent and necessary measures to prevent further spreading of hatred.  Hence, the enemies of democracy have been able to come back on track, and use the internet to keep the fire of hatred going. Now, some of these emenies of democracy are even claiming that Berlusconi had not been injured at all, and that the attack was set up by the PM’s entourage. How could they say so? I am going to mention a few anti-democratic points about the accident.

Here is, once more, a video of what happened:

One main anti-democratic question has to do with the PM’s security service. In a case like that, it is expected they protect the PM’s safety, by taking him away immediately from the place of the attack. There could be other attackers ready to strike again. Instead, Berlusconi was taken into the car, which remained there. After a while, he came out again. His security guys even helping him to stand up and show himself to the public! I can see two explanations for this (apart, of course, from the anti-democratic one): a) Security did not know of the climate of hatred ; b) Berlusconi was showing Italians that a further increase in the tax load will be justified by the cost of re-making his face.

The infamous statuette of the Duomo was never found. We know that it is what Tartaglia used to hit Berlusconi. But how do we know that, since it’s never been found? Also, some point out, undemocratically, the strange trajectory the object has when it hit the PM, and his very unnatural reaction when hit by it. He covers his face with a coat, or a bag, or whatever black he has in his hands. A Youtube video highlights the strange fact that, before throwing the object at Berlusconi, Tartaglia is standing just between two journalists, one holding a TV camera, another holding a microphone. According to an anti-democratic theory, the man with the microphone says something to Tartaglia, before the latter carries out his evil act.

In an undemocratic frame, it appears quite clearly that there is no blood on Berlusconi’s face when he enters the car. That frame refers to a moment in which Tartaglia has been already identified and immobilized by the security service: which means, some 20seconds (or more) after the object hit Berlusconi’s face. No sign  of blood. Then Silvio goes into the car, and when he gets out, blood everywhere.

Not really everywhere, actually. After the promenade, Berlusconi is taken to the hospital. His personal doctor, Alberto Zagrillo, informs the journalists of the PM conditions: the impact with the little sculpture of Milan’s Duomo had caused a fractured nose, two broken teeth, a facial trauma. Berlusconi had also lost half-a litre of blood.

Yet there is no trace of this bloodshed on his face: his shirt is perfectly white. No blood running from his nose.

The anti-democrats say this was all set up to get Berlusconi out of the fire, after months of accusations for sex scandals, corruption, anti-constitutional laws and mafia links. This is all impossible, of course: Berlusconi entered politics SIXTEEN years ago, promising a “New Italian Miracle”.

He has clearly fulfilled his promise:

13th December 2009

6th January 2010


Written by TheItalianist

13/01/2010 at 09:48

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  1. sorry but you are propagating a hoax.. read this:

    True that it is the best xmas present that B could have, but boy, if this was a setup, then he does not deserve a nobel, but an oscar..

    btw just to make the point clear, I never voted B, I’m deeply ashamed about pretty much anything he does, I do think he is
    a criminal with a strong connection with the mafia, and so on.

    but I don’t like hoaxes and paranoid conspiracy theories.

    cheers and thanks for an otherwise pretty good blog!



    15/01/2010 at 18:16

  2. Hi there, thanks for commenting on this. Of course I am not trying to propagate anything which has not already been propagated, and also I’m wary (as you are) of ‘paranoid conspiracy theories’. However, I notice that nowadays it’s very hard to raise doubts about anything without being labeled immediately a defender of conspiracy theories..
    For example, in the link you put in your comment, the guy says he will ‘swim in the muck’ of conspiracy theories just for a bit (though he ends up writing a lot!). I think we should be more sympathetic towards the habit of raising questions against what the media show us.
    That said, I agree with what your link shows: yet it does not touch upon the two things which I thought were the strangest, namely the fact that the security helps Berlusconi out of his car and exhibits him to a (supposedly dangerous) audience; and the fact that after Xmas Silvio’s face was as pretty and immaculate as usual..
    Btw, you don’t have to specify you don’t vote for B (though I’m glad you don’t:)) -cheers and thanks again


    15/01/2010 at 23:12

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