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Italian Limitations

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David Mills, a man who has been accused to have accepted bribes from the Italian Prime Minister, has been “acquitted” today by an Italian Court. Here is the story.

The Economist today published an interesting review of the Italian Prime Minister’s (and his associates’..) issues with the legal system. This can be found here, and for some it takes a long time to read it all..

The Italian PM has commented on the sentence by defining the judges “a bunch of Talibans”.


Reporting on the quashed sentence, the Italian TV news happily talk of Mills’ (hence Berlusconi’s) acquittal. A petitition has been organised on Facebook to ask the Italian TV RAI to apologize for the deceiving report.


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The Evil is in the Web

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An Italian judge has condemned three Google (ex)executives for violation of privacy laws. The case refers to the publication, in 2006, of a video showing four teenagers bullying a disabled fellow in a school in Turin. Details of the story can be found here.

The judge found the Google Three guilty of not removing the video immediately after it had been signalled. Google replied they actually did block it a few hours after being contacted by police. It is surprising that the judge chose to punish Google for ‘privacy’ violation, given that it is not a media like a TV channel, for example. The actual perpetrators of crime (the teenagers) have received 10-months community service punishment, and rightly so (they probably deserved more). But why punish Google? What’s its fault?? And why do these things happen in Italy for the first time?

Some suggestions can be found here, and some more here . One way to locate  this episode in a broader context is here.

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Communists on Stiletto Heels

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The opposition Party in Italy is not doing very well. While the PM seems to be facing a never-ending series of problems, the Left endlessly fails to corner him and – God forbid- try to defeat him. So if on the one hand there is growing despair that things will ever change, on the other there is a clear sense that the Left  is not an opposition Party at all.

It is a short step for the leftist voter to feel depressed. You have a Government that you hate, and no Party that truly fights for your cause. “What’s the point?”- one may think? Apathy may just be behind the corner, and this would help preserving Italy’s stagnant political scene.

Luckily, the leaders of Rifondazione Comunista, the heirs of the old Communist Party, have come up with the right move to motivate their depressed electorate. New posters have begun to pop up around italian cities:

“I join Rifondazione Comunista because … I am a classy woman

The communist wears Prada, so to speak. Definitely, the best reply to the Right-wing Party. Put on your make-up, people: the time for revolution is coming.

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10000 Hit-talianists

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The Italianist today has reached 10000 hits. Auguri!

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Two Weeks of Italian News

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I have been unable to write on the blog in the last two weeks, and Italy hasn’t stood waiting for me.. So I’m going to post a brief overview of what’s going on in the cradle of the Roman Empire, hoping to go more into details over the next days.

Legitimate Impediment

In its strenuous fight against communist judges seeking to prevent the PM from saving the country from hell, the Italian Government has proposed a new bill exempting politicians from appearing at the trial if a ‘legitimate impediment’ occurs. On a loose reading of this proposal, a Minister (especially a Prime Minister) can say no to an order to appear at a trial (especially a trial where he is the accused one) if he’s busy.

Unnatural Rights

The Pope has urged Catholics churches in England and Wales to oppose the Equality Bill. The idea of equal rights, said the Pope, is against the natural law. Some failed to see the Catholic spirit behind Ratzi’s pledge.

Silent voting

Italy is the country of the freedom of information and of expression, as it is well known. The Government is committed to preserving citizens’ right to be informed and to make free choices about which Party to support. It is in this spirit that, in view of the regional elections in late March 2010, the Government has banned all political talks on TV in the month before the elections. This is meant to guarantee that voters’ minds not be polluted with subversive messages. The bill applies only to State-owned TV channels, RAI, and not to private ones, owned by the PM.

How to lead a proper relief operation

In the aftermath of the catastrophic Haiti earthquake, the head of Italian Civic Protection Department, Guido Bertolaso, (a man who worked closely with the PM to help the population of l’Aquila, in central Italy, after the earthquake a year ago), criticised the US Government for the way it was handling the relief operation. Bertolaso, whom I have discovered today to have been the head of the Civic Protection Dept under the last 14 legislatures, is now on the news again:  phone tapping have been published concerning the way he runs the business of civic protection

In the Name of the Father

The son of  Vito Ciancimino, the first politician to be found guilty of Mafia membership, during a trial has produced a letter his father allegedly sent to Silvio Berlusconi, outlining conditions for a pact between the Mafia and the State. The papello, as the letter is called, contained a series of requests the Mafia made to the State to stop the campaign of terrorist attacks in 1992-3. This casts some shadows on the origins of Berlusconi’s political career. More on the papello can be found here.

For the Francophones

France is still coping with the defeat in the Wold Cup final, four years ago. So, they are still trying to show that they are better than Italy, and that they should have won instead…

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