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The opposition Party in Italy is not doing very well. While the PM seems to be facing a never-ending series of problems, the Left endlessly fails to corner him and – God forbid- try to defeat him. So if on the one hand there is growing despair that things will ever change, on the other there is a clear sense that the Left  is not an opposition Party at all.

It is a short step for the leftist voter to feel depressed. You have a Government that you hate, and no Party that truly fights for your cause. “What’s the point?”- one may think? Apathy may just be behind the corner, and this would help preserving Italy’s stagnant political scene.

Luckily, the leaders of Rifondazione Comunista, the heirs of the old Communist Party, have come up with the right move to motivate their depressed electorate. New posters have begun to pop up around italian cities:

“I join Rifondazione Comunista because … I am a classy woman

The communist wears Prada, so to speak. Definitely, the best reply to the Right-wing Party. Put on your make-up, people: the time for revolution is coming.


Written by TheItalianist

21/02/2010 at 17:17

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