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Come on Minister, Light My Fire

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The flame of democracy and freedom still burns in Italy. Against those who stay sceptical of Italy’s democratic level, today the Italian Minister Roberto Calderoli has poured fuel over the fire of liberty, a testimony of how well the Italian Government is doing.

This is Roberto Calderoli (on the left):

Calderoli plays a fundamental role in the Italian Government: he is the Minister for Legislative Simplification. His job consists in looking at the legal system and removing the ‘useless’ laws. A key function. What would happen without him? How many useless laws would Italians have to deal with, otherwise? Thank God there is Calderoli. I’m surprised no other country recognises a similar figure in their administrative body.

Clearly, not everyone can be Minister of Simplification. Calderoli has been the winner of a harsh selection, thanks to those qualities that make him stand out in the political scene. One can imagine him spending his days over the legal code, looking for the clogs in the mechanism that make the machine run less smoothly.

Today, his value was finally duly celebrated, through a solemn rite which, however, did not take place in the Parliament but  in a fire station. The ceremony consisted in the Minister burning a bunch of cardboard boxes, symbolising the 375.000 laws that allegedly the Minister has carefully and relentlessly removed from the Italian legal code. This the Minister getting ready for the service:


The attentive reader will notice that he is wielding a flame-thrower and an axe. He’s so attached to his work that he takes his tools with him always, even on official ceremonies. The boxes say “375.000 Useless Laws”. Can anyhting be more postmodern?

In pure ministerial fashion, Calderoli set the useless boxes on fire. Witness allege that Jim Morrison’s voice was heard coming from the flames:

The fire dissolved the burdens of the Italian Legal System. People clapped hands. The Gods were probably pleased.

(Pictures from

The Minister waved his thumb, reassuring the country about the safety of our legal system.

Thanks to this purifying fire, then: a fire that finally sweeps away all the little nuisances of our everyday life, about which we should stop worrying.


Written by TheItalianist

24/03/2010 at 23:59

3 Responses

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  1. Maybe I am overworring but this last lega show made me think of a famous quote from Brecht (free translated but still ok):
    “the land where people burn books is the land where people will burn people in the end”

    THey are now burining laws..what’s next?


    25/03/2010 at 17:06

  2. You definitely outdid yourself with this post. Well done

    Keshto Arya

    04/02/2013 at 06:56

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