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Beware of the Prostitute

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 From the Daily Telegraph..


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17/04/2010 at 11:46

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  1. Now the question is: is this sigh a problem for Italian “standards”? If so, why?

    1. Because it openly says that prostitutes live and work in our contry even if thier presence (most of the women on the street aren’t Italian) and work is illegal.

    2. Because it is openly offensive against a particular group of women (the same sight could have been warning of people walking by).

    Btw, this made me remember something I forgot I saw on the Hwy from SD to LA.
    So sad I don’t get shocked for such a thing like before..


    18/04/2010 at 11:12

  2. What I find really puzzling is the image of the prostitute: if a woman wears a miniskirt and has a pursue, she then is a prostitute! Beware!

    Also, there is the mystery of what one should beware of. Being bitten by the prostitute? Having to pay for the sexual intercourse?

    Maybe, the sign was meant to appear at the entrance of Palazzo Grazioli (the residence of our PM)?


    18/04/2010 at 16:08

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