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Not a glorious day in the history of Italian football. After 34 years, and 4 years after winning the World Cup, Italy was today eliminated from the tournament at a very early stage. The media are not being nice to the Azzurri: the most moderate comment I have found is “Go home, in shame” (La Gazzetta dello Sport).

The Italian coach, Marcello Lippi, spoke after the match and took full responsibility for the dismal performance of the Italian team.

“It’s my complete responsibility -Lippi said shortly after today’s 2-3 defeat against Slovakia. – If a team comes to an event of this importance with fear in its legs, mind, heart, it means that the coach has not trained it well psychologically, technically and  tactically. It is evident I did not prepare the team as I should have. I am very sorry. Thank you.”

Lippi will not be the coach of the Italian team any longer. He said he will not coach for a while. He will rest for a few months to decide what to do in the future.

Then, with a strange light in his eyes, Lippi added that he will retire into the Abbey of MonteCassino, to read books, to prey, and to play foosball with the monks.

He will also devolve 3,000,000 euros (i.e. the wage he received to train Italy for the World Cup) to sponsor young football talents in South Africa.


Written by TheItalianist

24/06/2010 at 22:44

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