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Judges do not have an easy life in Italy. Italians do not like judges, because they are communists, hence they eat babies, they boil babies, they want to bring down the country, and probably they are gay. In the attempt to reestablish the feeling between people and the judiciary, the Italian channel Canale 5, owned by the Italian Prime Minister, has hosted for years a famous Tv programme called Forum.

Forum showcases a series of charismatic individuals. For example, the sadly missed policeman Pasquale Africano. This is Pasquale:

After years acting as a policeman, Africano gave a twist to his career and acted as a model in a user-friendly edition of the Kamasutra:

Yes , that’s him.

Also very charismatic was His Honour Santi Licheri

and the blondie anchorwoman Maria Rita Dalla Chiesa, daughter of General Carlo Alberto Dalla Chiesa, killed by the Mafia in 1982.

This is the great team that Canale 5 has put together to bring back the glory of the trial and the judge. Every afternoon, the audience can see the exciting cases and have a closer look at how the trial works, or at least how it should work.

A clear example of how the trial should work was showed in the episode on last week. A dark-haired woman, Marina Villa, appeared at the trial to discuss with the judge the terms of her divorce from Gualtiero, her husband. As she explains, she makes and sells wedding dresses in L’Aquila, the city in central Italy which, exactly two years ago, was destroyed by a 6.0 degree earthquake.


When asked to talk, she explained that in L’Aquila, two years after the quake, everything was going great: “L’Aquila has been rebuilt” -she said, though no one had asked her, “there are houses with garden and garage”, “Life is back to normal”. And, she adds, as a key element in her divorce suit, “This is all thanks to the Prime Minister”. “And do not forget to thank Bertolaso as well” -echoed Rita DallaChiesa. The audience clapped hands in jubilation. Remember Bertolaso?

A few days later, the woman confessed she had been reciting a script given her by the authors of Forum, who paid her 300 euros to do that. She was not even from L’Aquila, and  Gualtiero was not her real husband. He was acting too, and paid for that.



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