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A-symmetrical love

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The Italian Minister Renato Brunetta got married last weekend. He managed to trick protesters who wanted to contest him at his wedding because of an incident happened a few weeks earlier (when he shunned questions from precarious workers by replying “You represent the worst Italy”. See here). Brunetta changed suddenly the time and location of the ceremony, so to avoid any disorder – a display of those very strategic skills that led him to become a minister of the Republic.

Because of the aforementioned incident, Brunetta has been one of the most insulted politicians on the Web in the past 3 weeks. Attacks ranged from offences regarding his lack of civility, his rudeness, his ignorance, to his alleged detachment from the reality of Italy’s working class. Many also targeted, ignominously, his height – claiming he is just a baby of 41 years. He found refuge from these ungrounded offences in his beloved wife’s bosom, as showed in this picture celebrating the ministerial romance.

(Note: They are both standing on their feet)


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15/07/2011 at 04:08