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Kissing and peeing

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There are people that do things that can even make a long-dormant blog suddenly awake.

One of this is Carlo Giovanardi. He has appeared on this blog in the past, and he still looks the same, that is, like this:


Interviewed today on the Italian radio, Carlo The Straight was asked to express his view on same-sex unions. Here is his fine answer:

“There are organs designed to receive, and others designed to expel. There are also some delicate issues, like bacteria, and so on and so forth, which require great attention when certain activities are performed. This is to avoid diseases. Therefore, when sexual education is taught in schools, providing a model is normal, right and physiological: men’s and women’s organs were created for specific functions, and relations between two men or two women are not equally natural ”

Then he was asked: “What kind of reaction would you have in seeing two women kissing each other?”

He replied:”Well, what kind of reaction would you have in seeing someone peeing? If he does it in the toilet, it’s fine, but if he does it in the street, it can be disturbing”.


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13/02/2012 at 11:25

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